Paninos Restaurant in North Oaks, Mn

Paninos is an Italian restaurant located in North Oaks, Minnesota at the Village Center.

Paninos Restaurant in North Oaks, Minnesota

We stumbled upon this restaurant after looking at houses late in the evening.

The restaurant was well lit and we were greeted well when we entered.  It has tables and booths and a relaxed atmosphere.  Murals are on the walls throughout the establishment.

Mural on wall of Paninos Restaurant in North Oaks, Mn

Mural on wall of Paninos Restaurant in North Oaks, Mn

The garlic bread did not really taste like garlic although the presentation was good.

Garlic Bread at Paninos Restaurant 

We had an appetizer for one of our entrees called the Cracker Pizza.  The crust was thin as expected.  Just the right amount of cheese and ground beef.  The crust was a little soft since we expected a crunchier crust due to the name “cracker” pizza.

Cracker Pizza at Paninos Restaurant

The second entree was the cavatappi bolognese.  It was okay.  We probably could have made this better at home.

Cavatappi Bolognese
Overall, it was a good dining experience.
Paninos is located at 857 Village Center Dr in North Oaks, Minnesota.

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