Gerber Cereal for Babies

I was single when my first son was born and we were living in a small attic apartment in Chicago.  After my son turned 3 months old, I would add a spoonful or two of Gerber baby cereal to his milk so that he would sleep through the night.  And, it worked.

Gerber Baby Cereal

Not being very rich as a single mother, I would sometimes have the baby cereal for my dinner since it was fairly inexpensive.  I would add it to warm milk with a wee bit of salt and sugar.

And now, every now and again, I will buy a box and have some for breakfast.  Seems like the taste is different though. Perhaps my taste buds have changed or Gerber has toned down the flavor.

I wonder though, since Gerber has been around for babies for so many years if they are considering a product for the aging baby boomers who grew up eating their product.

Just a thought.

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