Seattle Trip

Shilshole Beach, Seattle, WA

I finally purchased my airline ticket for my Chicago trip in May. It’s a solo trip as my husband has decided to accumulate more vacation time and not deal with TSA at this time.

Gobs of people to visit but the primary reason for this trip is twofold:  my “nephews” high school graduation, and checking in on an elderly friend who I have power of attorney for.

Not that everyone else isn’t important because they are but …

One week does not seem long enough though to visit so many people and I may have to set up a schedule and slot people into it.  I did that once when I took a trip to Chicago for two weeks.  I sent a schedule to all my family members and told them that if they didn’t schedule themselves for a slot, they probably wouldn’t get a visit as there were too many of them and we had little time.

My uncle, who assumed I was joking, failed to schedule himself.  When I returned, I had a call from an irate uncle.

The schedule worked though.  And it made it easy for me to see everyone.

Hmmm … Seattle folks may get a schedule.


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