St Paul, Minnesota Open House

Another house we went to visit this past Sunday was in St. Paul, Minnesota. The house sits right across the street from the Mississippi River.

St. Paul, Minnesota House

This is an older house.  The kitchen was slightly re-done but they would have had to remodel all of the kitchen in order to replace the smaller and older ovens as there is really not much room.

Wood paneling, similar to the one that we took out of our Seattle house, is rampant throughout this one.  Ugh!  There is a built-in 70’s type bar that pulls out in this built-in cabinet.

This is the 2nd house I’ve seen that has a very pink bathroom.  Notice the detail on the tile next to the sink.

And, lastly, a laundry chute (much smaller than the one in Seattle) and push buttons to turn on the lights.

This house is too dated for our taste.  It also sits on a very busy street.



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