Day 2, Wedding Anniversary Dinner

The afternoon brought us back to the Canyon Road Inn where we sat in the living area and watched the sun pour through the glass sliding doors.  It was peaceful. My husband and I read for awhile.  Two more couples arrived and checked in. Both of them were from the Twin Cities area.

Before long, our stomachs started to grumble so we went and looked through the restaurant menus to find a place for dinner.  We decided on a restaurant called Paradise Landing which is in Balsam Lake, Wisconsin.

Paradise Landing, Balsam Lake, Wisconsin
Paradise Landing, Balsam Lake, Wisconsin

When we first entered, a warm fireplace greeted us.

We were seated next to the window and had a view of Balsam Lake.  The restaurant has a cabin feeling to it but with vaulted ceilings.

After being seated, we were surprised to have a visitor — one of my husband’s co-workers was at the same restaurant.  What a small world.

I ordered a lemonade, green salad and roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans.  It was all good.  Especially the bread!

With our bellies fed and warm, we headed back to the Canyon Road Inn for a peaceful evening.


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