Michelin Tires

When I moved to Minnesota in November 2010, I was a little hesitant to drive because I was afraid that we did not have tires that were “good enough.”

My husband did research on tires and found that the Michelin Primacy tires were highly recommended.  So, I went to Discount Tires in Maplewood, Minnesota and bought me 4 new tires. They were very efficient at this tire store and I left feeling more confident driving in the snow (a mental thing).

Michelin Tires

I was also glad that I had a $70 rebate on the tires.  Well, that is, until I found the rebate form filed away 3 months later.  Bummer.  Then I noticed in the paper that they were having another rebate on the same tires.

Hmmm … I wonder if … no, they probably won’t. What do I have to lose?  I emailed the company, explained we recently moved here and things were hectic and then asked if they would honor the old rebate.

The answer was YES!  I couldn’t believe it. I got my check this week. Sometimes I think we’re so afraid of rejection that we don’t ask.

Michelin — great tires and great service!


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