My First Minnesota Breakdown

I have been fighting the urge to buy anything for the apartment we live in because we have our things in storage in Seattle and they will be here “soon.”

However, house hunting hasn’t given us a house yet and it will be 5 months since our things have been in storage.

My cooking life has been hampered since I lack the utensils to do things properly.  Yes, I can whisk instead of blend in a mixer.  But it’s not the same.

So, the other day, I broke down and bought a new blender. I had a recipe I was trying and needed to pulse the ingredients. Can’t pulse very well with a whisk.

I dragged my husband with me to Target and we picked out the blender. It’s an Oster and works beautifully so far.

Oster Blender
Oster Blender

I just hope that I don’t break down and buy all new kitchen utensils.


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