Lake Elmo House Offer Rescinded

After waiting over 2.5 weeks for the relocation company to accept our offer on the Lake Elmo house, we have rescinded the offer. We do not know why it’s taking them so long to sign the paperwork and at this rate, we will probably not close on April 29th. But, who knows? Since they don’t respond we don’t know.

Combine that with having to move out of our apartment by the end of the month and we are a wee bit stressed.

We have 3 houses now that we are considering. One is in Hudson, Wisconsin, one in Oakdale, Minnesota and the other is in Lino Lakes, Minnesota.

The Lino Lakes house is the one we had made an offer on prior to Lake Elmo but the sellers decided to get weird on us and not disclose any information regarding a new septic that needs to go in after we close on the house. Their agent has assured our agent that all the paperwork we need is there.

Still — we hesitate with that one because once people are dishonest, it is hard to trust them again. So, for now, we’ll make an offer on the Wisconsin house. A little further commute but a new house and it sits on 2 acres so the neighborhood is nice and quiet.

Life has not been easy in Minnesota since we moved here. Illnesses coupled with offers on houses that aren’t accepted or won’t close have made us a little doubtful of what our next step should be.


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