It’s over. He’s graduated — this young man I know. In a little while we’ll be eating and having cake and reminiscing.

Tomorrow I head back to Minnesota. Back to the patient husband whose been waiting for me. Away from my son, friends and the Seattle world. I never made it back for my last hot chocolate at Peet’s. But, one day I’ll return. Too many special people this side of the world for me not to return. Too many people though who wish I wouldn’t have had to share their time with everyone else. I don’t know how to manage that unless I schedule them in years. So funny!

The graduation today was different. All of the 22 young people looked happy and normal. At my graduation, girls were pregnant under their gowns, many had no aspirations to do anything after high school. This group looked like they are ready to conquer the world. And my special young man is one of the top 10% students in the state of Washington.

Time to look for cheesecake, balloons and head to the party. Then I have a nice relaxing evening and tomorrow morning, before the sun rises, the rental goes back and I board a plane to the best husband in the world. Life just doesn’t get better than this!


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