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Before we purchased our house, we requested that a septic and well test be done. The septic test failed. Apparently the septic is too close to the ground water level. The seller believes it’s because Minnesota had so much snow this winter.

Since we can’t be sure, we requested that design and bid work be done to install a new septic system as required by the city before we purchased the house. This was done and the seller gave us the money to have it done once we bought the house.

I’ve been learning a lot about septic systems. The septic system has a holding tank. The solid waste falls to the bottom of the tank and the liquids float. Apparently bacteria breaks things down. The liquid part of the waste goes out to the drain field via pipes that have small holes in them and is dispersed.

That’s it in a nutshell. I had concerns about our property smelling like, well, urine. But that’s not the case. Whewww!!

Last week, we had the work done. A huge bulldozer was brought to our property and dug up a huge hole for a 1000 gallon septic tank.



They put the septic tank inside the hole very carefully.

1000 Gallon Septic Tank

The septic tank has a separate pump also. That’s how it gets the waste from one place to another. Once the septic tank is in place, they cap it. Two to three years later (depending on how big the family is) you need to have someone come and pump it out.

Our new drainfield was uphill just a little. The bulldozer dug out and prepared for the new drain field. Only one tree had to be moved. There were some bushes that were taken out but the property actually looks nicer without them.

New drainfield for our septic system

Next they made a trench, laid down pipes that have small holes in them and then added gravel to the drainfield. It looked quite elaborate.

Pipes in drainfieldAll was covered with dirt. Now we have 2 septics, a pump and a fancy alarm in case anything should go wrong.


Two septics and a pump


Pump Alarm

What more could a new homeowner ask for?


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