Homemade Log Rack and Wood Pile

I had bought a log rack for our first wood pile but had heard that I could make my own and it would be cheaper. I thought to myself “Why not?”

I went to Fleet Farm (similar to a Lowes but a lot more interesting) and met with a man by the name of Pat. He was so nice. He used to live on Bainbridge Island, WA while in the military and we discussed why I moved to Minnesota.

He was one of the best customer service people I have ever met.

First, he made sure that I had steel brackets to hold the 2×8’s that I would be buying.

Open Hearth Log Rack Brackets

Then Pat took me over to where the 2×4’s where. But, I needed five (5) 2×8’s for my project. Pat checked each piece of wood to make sure they weren’t crooked. He told me he is a carpenter on the side.

Once I got the 2×8’s, Pat got a large cart to carry all of this in AND he walked me to the front of the store to the cashier. He then called so someone could help me load the 2×8’s into the car.

So easy! I’m finding that living in a smaller community means that I get better customer service as people pay more attention to me.

After getting my 2×8’s home, I had to saw them to the right size per the instructions on the box that the brackets came in. I needed two 2×8’s, four 2×4’s and two 2×2’s. I used a “straight” saw as that was what Pat said would cut the best. I could have gotten wood that was already treated but Pat said it would be harder to saw.

After I cut my pieces, I stained them with a dark exterior stain.

Once the stain dried, I went and prepared the ground where I was going to place my wood pile. This wood pile would be further away from the house as the wood has to cure (dry) for 6-12 months. I cleared all the debris from the ground and made sure it was fairly level. Then I put bricks down to hold the log rack although the instructions didn’t say I have to do that — extra precaution on my part.

Clear the ground and make it fairly level

Next start assembling the pieces.

Homemade Log (Wood) Rack

Add the wood to the log rack – it’s so beautiful!

Homemade Log Rack

It didn’t take very long to make. The sawing was very quick (make sure you use gloves). The thing that was most time-consuming was waiting for the stain to dry but even that didn’t take too long.

I felt rather giddy after it was all completed. This simple task seemed to bring much joy to my heart.

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