Puerto Rico Beaches

I love water! Whether it’s a bubble bath or snorkeling, my senses are heightened when I’m around water. The ocean has it’s own smell and the warm breezes that flow from it that touch my skin ever so lightly make me feel like I’m getting a massage.

Looking up I see coconut trees. How Caribbean!

Coconut Tree
Coconut Tree

Two beaches I went to recently are really beautiful. The first one is in Aguadilla and is called Crash Boat. Many of the locals hang out here and merchants sell food and drink so you don’t have to bring any food with you (except for suntan lotion and a towel) unless you want to.

Crash Boat

The waves were high when I was here but not high enough to prevent me from floating out a ways to enjoy the water. Out in the distance I could see an island — not sure what the name of it is.

Crash Boat

The pier was “closed” so I wasn’t able to walk to the end of it. It was a beautiful day for swimming, sitting and enjoying the beach.

Crash Boat PierÂ

The beach occupies the site of a former military port that use to rescue downed air crews from Ramey Air Force Base and the pier is part of the remains of the old infrastructure. (from Wikipedia)

The second beach I visited is called Shacks Beach. I have been here a few times before and it is as beautiful as I remember it. Normally we park (and pay) in the local resort’s parking lot but my brother-in-law knew of an “off-the-beaten path” place where we could park for free.

Walkway to Shack Beach

On the other side of the walkway, beauty explodes! (This is also where I had my Pelican Encounter …)

Shacks Beach, Isabela, Puerto Rico
Shacks Beach, Isabela, Puerto Rico

There weren’t too many snorkelers out while I was here because the weekend had not yet started. Both adults and children can find places to enjoy on this long stretch of beach. We saw a kiteboarder enter the waters only to be drawn back onto the sandy beach as the wind was quite strong where he was located.

Shack Beach Snorkelers

As the day progressed, the ocean changed color as shadows made the sea look a deeper blue. In the summer, you can stand on this ledge with no fear of a wave washing you off.

Shacks Beach, Isabela, Puerto Rico

Not true while I was here. The waves were quite strong and I was thankful that the coral reefs were a good buffer.

Shacks Beach, Isabela, Puerto Rico

Now — why don’t I just live here?




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