It’s rather gloomy outside today — rainy, cloudy and windy. Despite that, I managed to make it to church and attend the Easter program that they had which was a narration interspersed with solo songs and congregational singing.  The soloists all did a great job and the last song “He Is Risen” received applause for its climactic ending.

A family was sitting next to me who had five (5) children. Unfortunately, one of the girls had a really bad cough so I offered her a cough drop which she gladly took. Her mother came prepared with water for her to drink and later I found out that the girl’s cough started this morning. Poor thing.

After church, my husband and I drove around in search of a park that said they had blooming wildflowers but with the continual raindrops we decided not to venture out for a walk or we would have been sopping wet. So homeward we went.

Minnesota is not known for dreary days as most days have blue skies overhead as far as the eye can see.

A cup of hot chocolate, small pieces of edam cheese, crackers and a roaring fireplace have enhanced the otherwise dreariness of today.



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