The last two days in Minnesota have been simply dreary. There is no better word for it.  We’ve had quite a few rain and thunder storms pass through.

It’s almost 4 in the afternoon and the skys are dark with huge white clouds hovering and drenching us with torrents of water.

Last evening around sundown, we had a respite from this weather. The clouds turned pinkish white and off in the distance a large patch of beautiful bright blue sky with puffy clouds interspersed in between made me say “Wow!”

I wish I had taken my camera with me to snap a picture but since I was on the highway picture-taking wouldn’t have been practical. Not to mention that my new camera had a mishap that will force me to look for another camera — again.

I usually like to iron on days like today but it’s Sabbath and my back and neck feel achy so it’s time for a much needed nap. Hopefully when I awake the weather will have taken another respite from its dreariness.


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