Weed Infestation

I haven’t posted much recently as I’ve been spending my mornings outdoors cleaning up our yard. One day, I looked uphill and saw long green stalks that went from our neighbors property into ours and almost all the way to our house. There were so many of them and I was surprised that I hadn’t noticed them sooner. Last year, they weren’t there unless they were a lot smaller and I didn’t notice them. And I don’t know what they are.


So I’ve been pulling them up one by one. Fortunately, the root comes up very easily and I hired a neighbor boy to pull weeds with me.

After 7 hours the side of our property (to our property line) is now clear. We filled almost 12 large garbage bags of weeds. And that doesn’t include any we have yet to pull in the back and street side of the property. Our 95 lb yard waste container can’t fill everything we have so I’ll have to dispose of the rest of the weeds in a couple of weeks.  I haven’t ventured to the other parts of the property to see how much we have left to go.

Bagged Weeds

Fortunately, the backs of my legs don’t feel as sore as when I started although the 7 hours of weed pulling weren’t all completed in one day.

The mosquitoes were out and I received 2 lovely bites to add to the 4 I already have. They look so large and red …

I believe once the major clearing of weeds and branches is done the property won’t look as unkempt.

I have so many outdoor projects this summer that the inside painting will have to wait until winter. Although, I am still working on the main floor bathroom which seems to take forever. Every time I see a dent in the wall I have to fill it with Spackle and sand it.  I will sand one more time then I can prime and paint it. The contractor we hired to replace the countertop, toilet, light and exhaust fan will come out the next time it rains. I can’t complain about his timing though as his work is very good and he does it inexpensively for me.

Owning acreage takes a lot of work but I’m not complaining. I get lots of exercise.

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2 thoughts on “Weed Infestation”

  1. If your neighbor doesn’t clear his side of the weeds, the seeds will just blow over to your side again. I have a similar problem with the neighbors across my alley–they do nothing to control the weeds on the alley side of their fence, so their many seeds blow across the alley to the garden under my apple tree and produce weed stalks that are very hard to pull up. Before the neighbors moved in, I sprayed the outside of their fenceline to kill the weeds but, apparently, it wasn’t thorough enough to erradicate the infestation. Sigh!

    1. I’m aware of that but I have hope that maybe a really really cold winter will kill the weeds on his side of the hill. If not, I guess I’ll keep weeding as I don’t want them to overtake my yard. And even though I’ll get lots of exercise by weeding I’d prefer them to just go away!

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