Minnesota Hail

It’s a thunderin’ — enough so to wake up the dead if it were possible!

The lightning lights up the almost pitch black sky as the large pieces of hail fall from the sky and gather to make clumps of white as if it were snowing.

Minnesota Hail

I’m quite awed by the Midwest storms that pass our way. Many years ago, we didn’t have weather.com to be able to check how soon the change in weather would take place. This is one piece of technology that I use here as its accurate quite a bit of the time.

A few days ago, a small tornado touched down about an hour away. No harm was done but the possibility of a tornado hitting is high.

There seem to be quite a few of these storms that come our way. Most of the time they pass us without not even a hint of rain. Not so today. The weather will clear soon and another storm will be heading our way this evening.



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