Painting the Japanese Bridge

I thought I had picked a nice dark red for my newly built bridge but I am having some difficulties with how the color is actually coming out. The woman at Lowes (a hardware-type store) told me that the color would darken. Here’s the chip that I picked out.

Paint Chip

It looks dark enough, doesn’t it? When I opened the paint can, the color looked pink. After stirring the paint, the wooden stick I stirred it with looked almost the same color.

Once I finished priming my wood, I put the first coat on it and the color was definitely pink. A second coat went on — still pink. A third coat went on … well, we’re getting closer.

I think part of the problem might also be that I’m painting under fluorescent lights in the garage so that may skew what the color looks like.

It’s still lighter than what I had thought it would be but it’s close enough. We’ll see … we’ll see … this project is almost completed. Yippee!


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