The Spider

With cooler Minnesota weather, I can now sit in the screened-in porch and enjoy fresh air, wildlife and the quietness that surrounds us.

As I lay back on my chair, content as a bee with nectar in its mouth, I looked up at the ceiling and saw it.  “It” was a large black spider measuring 3-4 inches from the tip of one leg to the tip of its other leg. Instead of getting up and hooting and hollering, I watched as it just sat there as if it were dead. I knew better though — it was alive and would eventually be discontent sitting motionless.


My husband was sitting directly across from me unaware of the danger in the room. Well, okay, it COULD be dangerous. I cautiously rose from my chair and circled to the other side of the room where I informed him of what lay overhead.

Now it was time to investigate how much danger we were in. With iPad in hand, I scoured the internet for images of this newfound creature who had made its way into our peaceful abode.

I immediately eliminated the black widow and brown recluse spiders (both poisonous) from my list. At first I thought it might be an orb weaver and had it been that species I would have been delighted as they eat mosquitoes. Upon further examination (magnifying the images I was comparing) it does not appear to be an orb weaver.

Perhaps a grass spider? Similar but the grass spider only grows to one inch.

So I am left to ponder what this spider is.  Any arachnoid experts out there?

As I left the porch to make dinner, my husband took a broom and swatted the spider off the ceiling then chased it out the door.  Yeah! for a husband who handles the icky things in life for me.

Question: What do you do with the spiders in your house? Do you kill them or do you take them outdoors so they can die naturally?

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2 thoughts on “The Spider”

  1. I usually try to trap spiders found in my house in a jar. Then, with lid just setting atop the jar I toss the whole thing far out into the yard where I hope the spider escapes to fend for himself outdoors.

    A few nights back, I spied a spider in the small crevace between my bedroom ceiling and the picture molding. I know I could not trap him with a jar in that position, even if I could get up to the ceiling by climbing on a chair with my wonky knee, so I could only hope he stayed put during the night and did not bother me, as I slept. I would call James in the morning to dispatch the spider in whatever manner he chose. Naturally, with the spider no where in sight come moring, I was left to wonder where he is now and what mischief he might be up to. Not good, I’m sure.

    Do you get these comments?

    1. Yes I get the comments and appreciate the feedback. I tried to capture a moth once but it was too fluttery and spooked me. We have wolf spiders in Minnesota that are really fast and since I don’t know what kind this one is I’d rather not try to chase it.

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