Labor Day

This past Labor Day we had family visit from North Dakota which was unexpected yet nice.

My husband’s “side of the family” is the quiet side. They are content with sitting and talking, reading, using their computer or watching deer go by. Even so, I decided to take them to see some places I haven’t been to.

First, we went to brunch at the Lake Elmo Inn. Although my husband and I have been there for dinner, we had not been there for the brunch that everyone seemed to rave about. We were not disappointed as both the food and service were really good. The only problem was that the buffet line starts when you enter the restaurant which is not good when there are a lot of people waiting in line.  Other than that — it was great!

Next we headed to Aamodt’s Apple Farm in Stillwater, Minnesota. When I entered the main building it seemed out of proportion — perhaps because the building is large and the way things are arranged make it seem as though they don’t have enough to fill the building.

We did not pick apples but thought we’d buy some from the bins they had inside. Only problem?  They were more expensive than the ones we get at the local store AND they didn’t look as good either. So, we bought an apple pie instead. The pie was just okay as it was lacking in flavor — I wouldn’t make a special trip to buy another one.

The farm is a nice “place to go” when you have visitors but, for me as a local, not a place I would frequent.

Once back home, a couple family members took naps and the rest of us talked, read and just hung out. A nice lazy afternoon.

In the evening we went to see a movie called “Hope Springs” with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. The plot is about a couple who have been married for awhile, kids are grown and they are now sleeping in different bedrooms as they have gotten to a point in their marriage where they are just going through the motions of a relationship.

The movie was slow going. I mean “really” slow going. At one point the wife decides they want to see a therapist and the husband eventually goes along with it. Perhaps the writers were trying to portray what it’s really like to go to a therapist with awkward moments of silence but it didn’t pan out too well.

Why this is rated PG-13 is beyond me. A few scenes were uncomfortable for me to watch — like when the wife is trying to give oral sex to her husband at a movie theatre. I know that our young people are growing up quickly these days but, really? Do we have to expose them to sexual scenes and innuendoes at thirteen in our movie theatres?

Anyway … I went home disappointed. And I was the one who picked the movie.

During this visit, I was happy to have my nephew volunteer to help with yard work even though it was a tad bit warm outside. He moved part of our wood pile from the back end of our property closer to the house so we are now ready to use our fireplace for the winter.  Yes!!

And the leaves have started falling. Unfortunately, we don’t have the autumn colors in the leaves — yet. My neighbor told me that since we haven’t had much rainfall this year then we probably won’t see too much color.

But I have to sign off now … my next group of visitors will be arriving shortly from Chicago.  My mama and her two sisters.  Now, what to do with three spritely 80 year olds?



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