First Real Snowfall

It’s here! Winter has finally arrived with the white fluff falling from the sky for a few hours now and hopes of a white Christmas almost realized.

The wind is blowing from the north which leaves quite a chilling effect on these human bones.

Here are pictures of the beauty of the color white which normally is considered bland:

Snow Beauty
Snow Beauty
Snow Beauty
Snowfall on Trees
The Snowy Road
The Snow Hidden House

The local snow plow has gone through our streets already but the driveway won’t be cleared until the snow stops.

Isn’t snow simply beautiful? All that’s needed is a fire in the fireplace and a cup of hot chocolate.


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2 thoughts on “First Real Snowfall”

  1. Beautiful! I miss snow! The weather is so boring here in Florida! At least I got to go to New England and Oklahoma this fall and see fall colors, but I would also love to see snow. Thanks for the pictures!

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