Gluten Free Pasta

I tried — I really did try (okay okay, I only tried once) — to use gluten free pasta.

Why, you ask? Well, the chiropractor I go to told me that there are a lot of people who have problems with gluten and he thought I should try a gluten free diet for awhile. So the first thing I did when I left his office was head to a natural food store and buy myself some gluten free pasta.

The pasta I chose was made by Bionaturae.

Bionaturae Gluten Free Penne Rigate
Bionaturae Gluten Free Penne Rigate

It looks friendly enough, right?

I boiled it per the directions on the package but before I strained it, I tasted it. Ugh! It tasted quite hard still so I allowed it to boil 2 extra minutes. Uh, no … still tasted gritty and “funny.” So I let it boil 2 more minutes and tasted it again. (I had a gut feeling that dinner was going to be late …) Nope! So I boiled it two more minutes. And ya know what? It still didn’t taste good so I did what any normal gray haired Puerto Rican would do … I threw it out and grabbed a bag of “regular” pasta, boiled it and served it instead.

Whew! I’m glad I had some real stuff in my cupboard. The gluten free pasta looks harmless enough, it just didn’t taste very good … to me.

Gluten free pasta
Gluten free pasta

I’m not saying I won’t try it again but am wondering if there’s anyone who knows of a better gluten free pasta I can try. Or, is it just a matter of getting used to the taste and texture?

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