What Do Minnesotans Do In the Winter?

It gets quite cold here in Minnesota. Well, sometimes. I actually enjoy the weather when it’s in the 30’s and the sun is out. But when it gets to -2 or -7 and that’s the high temperature for the day … well, that’s not much fun at all.

On a recent weekend, my husband and I went for a drive and passed a couple of lakes — Lake Jane and Lake Demontreville. Things sure were hopping in these lakes!

I was hoping to interview an ice fisherperson this year but my fear of falling through the ice has prevented me. As I look at all the people out on the lake I know that my fears are unfounded — especially when large trucks drive out to the middle of the lake. “Oh dear …” I tell myself.

Here are a few things that happen on a lake in the winter in Minnesota …

Ice Fishing
Ice Fishing on Lake Jane

It would be nice to see what the insides of these tents look like when someone is living in them. Do they keep heaters in them? I wonder …

Ice Fishing Tent
Ice Fishing Tent

It appears that ice fishing is a “social” sport. I can’t imagine myself hanging around talking with my friends or reading a magazine waiting for a fish to bite. Can you? (laughing)

Ice Fishing Social
Ice Fishing Social

As we drove through the neighborhood, we came across people who were inner tubing at Green Acres in Lake Elmo. It looked like lots of fun but someone (no, not me!) didn’t think it looked all that fun.

It sure looks relatively simple. Grab your tire, head up the hill on the rope provided and slide on down.

Downhill Inner Tubing
Downhill Inner Tubing
Downhill Inner Tubing
Downhill Inner Tubing


At the bottom of the hill, there are men who make sure you’re not sliding too wildly.

Downhill Inner Tubing
Downhill Inner Tubing

What else is there to do on the frozen lakes?

Well, there’s augering … I know, that’s not really a word. An auger is a boring tool that they make holes in the ice with so they can fish through the holes. So — I decided to call it augering. Looks like a lot of work! Perhaps that’s what keeps him warm.

“Augering” in Lake Demontreville

Then you have the ice sledders. I wonder whose warmer, the puller or the one being pulled? (I’ll bet you thought I was going to say “pullee,” didn’t you?) hehe

Ice Sledding in Lake Demonstreville

Perhaps you would prefer to use your ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) on the ice, eh?

ATV'ing on Lake Demontreville
ATV’ing on Lake Demontreville

So many things to do on the ice …

I did read that Green Acres (where they have the downhill inner tubing) will be closed today due to — ARCTIC COLD!

Stay warm out there Minnesotans!


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  1. I wear shorts in the winter in ohio because im comfortable&I like the cold& snow hitting my bare calves and it feels good.

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