Chicken Potato Vegetable Bake

Trialling this recipe that our son made was interesting. I’d never thought of making a casserole, aka Chicken Potato and Vegetable Bake, and adding potatoes and carrots. It’s certainly simple enough — I just wouldn’t have thought of it.

The casserole was a little bland. We didn’t use the Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing as my son made his own dressing nor did we sprinkle it with grated parmesan. Perhaps that’s what made the difference, you think?

Chicken Potato Vegetable Bake
Chicken Potato Vegetable Bake

Although a little bland, it tasted okay as it was served with Pan Roasted Asparagus and that really did make a difference. I am a huge fan of asparagus these days. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I’d say that but life brings interesting changes and this is one of them.

If you decide to make the casserole and you use the Zesty dressing or something else, let me know how that works for you.


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