The Kite Mosquito Patch

I am so excited about a new product that will be coming out soon called the Kite Mosquito Patch. And I hope to be on the ground level of seeing if it works. If you’ve been following my blog for at least the last month, you’ll know that I have a keen interest in mosquito aversion.

I’ve written two posts already about my trials with different products to see if they would help me avoid these irritating insects. The first post was called Of Mosquitoes and Traps and told of a “natural” trap using yeast and brown sugar. Unfortunately, it did not work.

The second post called How To Mask Your Mosquito Smell told of a product that is currently available that uses butane to mask our smell. This product does work for me.

The Kite Mosquito Patch is a non-toxic square you stick on your clothing or bag that purports to make you practically invisible to mosquitoes for approximately 48 hours by disrupting their ability to “smell” you. ABC News recently wrote an article regarding it. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation along with the National Institutes of Health have paired up with the company to create this new technology.

Kite Patch hopes to prevent the spread of malaria and West Nile Virus with this patch. That would truly be spectacular, don’t you think?

There is a campaign, called Indiegogo, associated with Kite Patch that is collecting funds to collect as many patches as they can to send to Uganda where the malaria rate is over 60 percent.

The Kite Patch is awaiting regulatory approval but is expected to be distributed worldwide around 14 months from now. Once they have U.S. EPA approval, patches will be distributed to contributors to try out.

I became a contributor yesterday by joining the Kite Pioneer Program which will send 30 patches to Uganda and 30 patches to myself along with a t-shirt, sticker, etc.

I’m really looking forward to see if this really works as it will have a huge impact, not just on how much I work outside in the summer but for everyone who has ever been biten by a mosquito and suffered the consequences.

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