Of Grandchildren, Sickness and Blessings

Waking up to a chilly -7° with a forecasted “high” of -2°, I headed downstairs to start my day. The past 3 days have been filled with lots of coughing and on-again off-again headaches.  It started on Sunday night after we arrived home from visiting the grandkids this weekend. What fun we had!

Our almost 2 year old sweet Caroline has grown big and knows how to do lots of things … like blowing her nose. She and her cousin both had colds so runny noses were the norm of the weekend. As she was sitting at the dining room table, I handed her a tissue and left for a minute or so. Turning back to make sure she was okay, I noticed that she was wiping the table clean — with the same tissue that she had just blown her nose with!  It was … how shall I describe it? Shocking and hilarious at the same time. She was trying to help out. Sometimes that’s how we adults try to help out — we just make things worse.

There’s no way to tell if my “cold” (if that’s what it is) was passed on to us from these two little ones. My husband has started to get an itchy throat now also.

I figured I would rest again this morning and after being up about an hour, I heard the doorbell ring. Who could that be in this weather? I wondered.

Opening the door, I saw a familiar face. It was Linda from a company called Renovation Painting. The company had done some interior painting and handy man work for us this past year. Behind her, sitting in a truck, was the owner of the company — Wade.

She handed me a container with miniature cakes and a holiday card. I smiled and with the best hoarse voice I could muster said “Thank you. I’m sorry I can’t say more but I’m sick.” She smiled and left.

When sickness and extremely cold weather tried to get me down, God sent an angel to cheer me up.

I proceeded to remove one of the small pieces of cake — raspberry swirl. It was not paleo but I didn’t care. I put my coconut milk with a chunk of chocolate on the stovetop, whipped it into hot chocolate, warmed the cake and sat down to enjoy my blessing.

Today was a most goodly day!

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