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Update on Life

It feels like time is going by so quickly and life is getting in the way of, well, life.

It’s already May. I wish I could say that it feels like spring in Minnesota but a day here and a day there isn’t consistent enough for me to actually call it spring. I’m happy there are no bugs though — at least not yet.

I haven’t recovered from the high blood pressure that I believe was caused by being over medicated on the thyroid medication levothyroxine (manufacturer Mylan). I am on levoxyl which is made by Pfizer which was my “go to” thyroid medication for over 10 years until it got put on backorder last year. My blood pressure has not normalized — yet. It’s “okay” every now and again — 140/94 — but it was at 118/79 before all this happened. Sigh …

In addition, since June 2013 I’ve been dealing with pain on the left side of my hip and leg. The recent MRI I had of my back confirmed that I had a bulging disc. My chiropractor told me my options were:

  • try a steroid called prednisone for a week (may only take away the pain temporarily)
  • get a cortisone shot – approximate cost is $900 and up (this may or may not work although I had a friend who received one and she has been fine for the past 5 years)
  • continue with traction and laser treatment at his office (had 12 sessions already and not much relief)

Although the chiropractor has given me some exercises to try they don’t seem to work very well. I decided to tweak one exercise he gave me to see if something different would work. He instructed me to lie on my back, bring my leg up (knee bent) to my chest and alternate with each leg. What I decided to try (and it’s working) is to bring up both legs (knees bent) up to my chest while lying on my back.  I’ve done that a couple times a day and it seems to “open up” my back and I’ve hardly felt the pain.

Hmmm … could it be this simple?  What do you think? Anyone tried the injections of cortisone for their bulging disc?

As if my own problems weren’t enough, a week and a half ago I flew to Seattle because a 76 year old friend of mine had fallen, was in rehab and is quite despondent. When we talked, she didn’t come right out and say “can you come out?” but instead would say “I wish you were here.”  Over and over again that’s what I would hear her say. So, after my MRI I flew out to be with her for a few days.

I’m glad I made the decision to fly out. Her husband, who is about the same age as she is, had never boiled an egg in his life. That was shocking to me. I later found out that he’s never used a microwave either. One day he came to visit his wife at the rehab center and brought a file box with bills that had to be paid. He has never paid a bill!  My friend had me write out all the checks for her then she signed them.

It’s amazing that someone in this day and age is so dependent, isn’t it? When I came home I told my husband that he needs to pay bills for one month just to make sure he remembers. True to form, he rolled his eyes at me and said “I know how to pay bills.” I know he does … it was just so shocking to actually meet someone who doesn’t.

(Look at how beautiful Seattle was while I was there — perfect spring weather. This is looking at the Olympic Mountains from Richmond Beach.)

Olympic Mountains, Richmond Beach, WA

Olympic Mountains, Richmond Beach, WA

For those who are waiting to see the new quilt I’m working on … well, that’s been put on hold for a bit as when the weather gets a tad nice I’m heading outside and pulling the notorious garlic mustard weed. Remember it from last year? There are pockets of “babies” throughout the property that need pulling before the seeds start to grow. I may have to hire someone to help me do this what with my back problem. What a bother!

Fortunately, I have yet to see any buckthorn growing.  Hmmm, I wonder if I pulled every single one out last year. The property looks so bare — well, we have a lot of winter debris such as small and large branches that need to be gathered but other than that it’s like nothing is growing yet.

This morning I called a local nursery as I have $500 that the county is giving me to plant native Minnesota plants that will replace the buckthorn and garlic mustard weeds that I’ve pulled.

All this takes so much time and I feel like I’m being pulled in so many directions.  Do you ever feel that way?

So — one day at a time, sweet Jesus. (I’m humming the tune as I write this.)

Once things settle down a bit I’m sure I’ll be back to “normal.”  Just don’t ask me what that is supposed to look like anymore.  (laughing)

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