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Falling Apart

So — this is me typing with an injured right hand which is a little hard to do with a soft cast on.  I tried pulling weeds yesterday and made it worse but I had to do something. Sigh …

Between a bulging disc in my lower back and an injured hand/wrist it’s getting a little hard to function and my moods are more “down” than up. This is temporary I know but it’s quite a setback since I had so much outdoor work planned.

Thankfully (yes, thankfully) the weather has been quite cool so nurseries have held back on putting out a lot of plants.

And — I also have a few new recipes to post. Yes, I’m still cooking although it’s a little hard getting around the kitchen but I haven’t given up.

So — if you’re a praying person, add me to your prayer list for quick healing. And if you’re a “you’re in my thoughts” kind’ve person, keep me in your thoughts.

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