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Free Ferns

I spent part of yesterday morning digging up ferns.  Yup. Ferns.

It feels like I have thousands in my backyard. Okay, probably not thousands but I would venture to guess 300-400.

This is what my backyard looked like last July. Now, truly, that’s a LOT of ferns, isn’t it? I was not looking forward to it looking like this again.



So I decided to thin them out a bit. Yeah, so, here’s this mid-50 year old woman with a soft cast on her right hand due to a sprain along witha bulging disc in her back that causes sciatic pain with a shovel in her hand. Can you see her? Uh, me?

Last week I decided to pace myself and pull “only” 20 ferns. Once I reached 20 I stopped and worked on something else.  I’m not superwoman — ya know? I was able to re-plant about 12 of those ferns.

Today, I had leaves to clean up from yesterday’s yard work before I started working on fern pulling. I must’ve pulled another 15 ferns.

I really think I could pull 50 ferns a day and still have enough on our one acre. Don’t worry about me though — I’m not insane — yet.

Okay so — I thought to myself “What am I going to do with these ferns? Should I just throw them out?” I couldn’t do it. The ferns looked at me with their baby green eyes … Naw, just kidding. But seriously, I couldn’t throw them out. It seemed so wasteful.

So — I did what any normal eco friendly person would do. I posted them for free on Craigslist.  Within 10 minutes I had one person willing to pick up 10 of them in the next 20 minutes.  Not bad, eh? I waited for her outside and gave her a box to take whatever and whichever ones she wanted.

When I came back inside, I got back on my computer and lo and behold!, I received another email. This woman wanted ALL the ferns I had.  Really!  Her email said “I will take all of them” and she also was willing to come right away. Ferns must be in demand.

I took my Craigslist ad down immediately.  I will be calling this woman and letting her know she and I can both go and dig up as many ferns as she wants.

Not bad for a day’s work, eh?

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