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In the short time that I’ve lived in Minnesota, I’ve seen a few turtles waddle down the street and have slowed down or driven on the “other side” of the road to allow them their space.

However, this year is the first time the turtles have waddled onto our property — all the way to our front door!

One morning I heard my husband call my name quite firmly “Norma! Norma!” Bleary eyed, I headed downstairs as I thought there was an emergency. And there he was — standing at the front door looking out through the glass. He turned around and said “Look.”

As I looked out the window, a rather large turtle was digging a hole next to the azalea plant to the right of our front door. So, I did what any normal blogger would do — I opened the door and snapped a picture.

Minnesota Turtle

Minnesota Turtle

My husband commented that perhaps the turtle was digging a hole to lay her eggs.  Um, okay. I was always under the impression that turtles lay their eggs on the sand next to water but I was mistaken as a search on Google clearly showed.

This turtle had made another hole in our front yard but apparently didn’t like it as she moved to this spot instead.

Heading back to bed, I remembered to take a peek when I was fully awake. The turtle was gone. She had covered the hole back with dirt. Hmmm … I’m wondering if perhaps we have turtle eggs.  We won’t know for another 45-90 days as trying to dig up the eggs could kill the embryos.

The following day, I was working in the yard and headed towards the driveway when I spotted another turtle (much smaller). This turtle was frightened by my presence as it quickly withdrew its head into its body.

Small Minnesota Turtle

Small Minnesota Turtle

It reminded me of the joke “Why did the chicken cross the road?” Do you remember that joke? The answer is “To get to the other side.” It’s not very funny but the joke is well known.

After I walked away, this small turtle scurried across the driveway “to the other side.”  Hahahahaha

Ahhh … life.

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