The Beginnings of Autumn

Nature does not wait for the calendar to announce the start of autumn, it simply takes in the changes that surround it and embraces them.

As the daytime shadows play peek-a-boo between the tall oak and maple trees, the summer plants yield to the coolness of the night. Impatiens drop their flowers in a necessary reaction to the next season.

Autumn Impatiens
Autumn Impatiens

Like people, some plants will stubbornly hold on to the last ray of warmth waiting until the last minute to yield to what is inevitable.

Autumn Impatiens
Autumn Impatiens

Yet, yield they must as the earth sends signals of the new season that is slowly making its entrance.

The trees stand tall as they sway in the coolness of autumn’s beginning. Yet, they too slowly yield to this next season of life.

Fallen Leaves
Fallen Leaves

Soon, the trees will be bare and the ground will be covered in snowflakes that gather together to form white walking paths as if acting in one accord.

This is my favorite season of the year. And just like in nature, I too yield to the change as woodpiles have to be prepared for fireplaces that provide warmth, patio furniture gets cleaned and put away and summer projects ~ complete or incomplete ~ get put aside in favor of last year’s unfinished projects or new ones that need to be started.

The beauty of autumn cannot be denied yet death must occur in order for this new beauty to take its form.

Yet human death leaves no beauty ~ only memories that may soon be forgotten as those who retain them die themselves.

But just like autumn turns into winter and winter into spring, I hold on to the hope of the second coming of Jesus when death will be conquered. Without this, dear reader, we are like leaves that turn to dust never to return.


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