Life Has Been A Whirlwind

The last two days have been a whirlwind:

Woke up yesterday, went to the bathroom and the toilet was flooding the floor. Ran and got towels and rugs to direct the flow away from the heat vent. Found the plunger and finally stopped the flow. Whew! That would have been a good scene for a comedy skit with me in my pajamas running around like a mad woman.

Air conditioner repairman came out yesterday morning. Will possibly have to replace it ~ it was made in 1989 but the house was built in 1993. Not sure how much longer it will work.

In addition, the heat recovery ventilator needs a new fan or has to be replaced.

Repairman for the refrigerator came out yesterday afternoon and parts have to be ordered or we may have to replace the refrigerator as one section may not be repairable.

Woke up this morning ~ no water. Technician came out and determined that we need a new well pump.

A week or so ago, we came home and a tree in the back had fallen and missed the house but knocked down our fence. Have to hire someone to haul the tree away.

In spite of all this, we are blessed. Our Home Warranty (despite the fine print) may pay for at least a couple of these replacements/repairs.

I keep in mind that these are just “things.” Replaceable. What really counts in this world are people who are not replaceable.

So, love deeply. Forgive ~ we are not promised tomorrow or even later today ~ make each moment count.

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