A Vision


It’s Friday evening.  My body and mind slow down in preparation for Sabbath.  It used to surprise me that this happened ~ the calmness that occurs as Sabbath draws near. I look forward in anticipation to this rest and can’t imagine life any other way.

Settling into bed as the evening draws on, I choose a Christian playlist on my iPod and wirelessly play the songs on the Bose speaker. Ahhh ~ the sounds of nature.  No words only music.

Turning off the light, I kiss my husband goodnight and wait the 5 minutes it takes for him to fall asleep.

Lying back in bed, I close my eyes and start to silently pray. Everything is dark.

Then it happens. As if I’m watching the beginning of a Star Wars movie, I feel myself being propelled through space. Darkness and movement. I’m moving quickly but I don’t feel afraid.

I see light. Suddenly a man sitting on a throne with a crown on His head is directly in front of me. I can’t make out His features.

Silently I tell myself “This can’t be God for no man has seen God and lived.”

Quickly realization strikes: “It’s Jesus!” my mind says.

And just as quickly as it appeared, the vision disappears.

I close my eyes tighter to see if I can make it reappear but it doesn’t. Then I fall asleep.

The next day I remember what I saw, what I felt.

Oh Jesus ~ the things you do to remind me to keep my eyes on You.

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