My Mother-in-law’s Quilt

Barbara’s Quilt

Currently my mother-in-law is in a nursing home.

When we’ve gone to visit her, she has a handmade quilt on her twin bed.  It’s simple but effective in keeping her warm.  However the thing I noticed first is that it has very bland colors.  To have to look at bland day in and day out ~ well, what’s a quilter to do?

So I decided to make her a bright cheery quilt.

One of the fabrics for this quilt was purchased in a small store that we happened to enter into while we were traveling.  I don’t remember the store just the “event” of walking in, seeing the fabric and thinking “This is beautiful.  I must have some of this fabric.”

In my mind I decided that this was going to be a scrappy quilt with fabric that I already owned.  That worked for the top but the back of the quilt was a different story.  I didn’t have enough matching scrappy material to make it work.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  A scrappy quilt doesn’t need to match but in my structured head, I needed the backing to match part of the front so I did have to purchase the backing fabric.

Barbara’s Quilt

With this particular quilt I decided to send it “out” for quilting.  This saddened me because the previous quilts I have made I have not had to send out.  But at the time I still had my small Brother sewing machine and it was so difficult to get the material through the harp of the machine to sew it.  And I did want it to be special.

So ~ no blood on this quilt.  Haha  Seriously, on some of the other quilts I’ve made it was tough getting it through the machine since I pinned it and sometimes I poked myself quite hard with those pins.

Here’s the quilt in full (minus the backing which, of all things, I forgot to take a picture of):

Barbara’s Quilt

The large turquoise colored fabric is what I had purchased while traveling.

Not too bad, eh?

Since my sister-in-law was visiting us, I sent the quilt with her to deliver to my mother-in-law since she lives in another state.

Her response when she opened it:  Such bright colors!

I had done my job well.

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