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Minnesota Acorns

This year we’ve had a bumper crop of acorns in Minnesota.

The last year I remember so many acorns falling was when my mother and aunts were visiting about 5 years ago.  We’d sit on the porch and it felt like it was raining acorns.

Minnesota Acorns

The walk to the mailbox down the long driveway is rather crunchy now.  I’ve spent many hours sweeping up these acorns and one thing I can tell you ~ in bulk, acorns are quite heavy!

Minnesota Acorns

At first, I thought that perhaps we were the only ones in the neighborhood having the oak babies falling but then I saw a news feature and it’s happening across Minnesota.

According to the article, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says this is quite normal. It’s called masting and means that oak trees are having a bumper crop this year.  One thought is that oak trees drop a bumper crop every now and again so that the squirrels (and any other critters who eat acorns) will not be able to eat them all so that baby oak trees can grow.

Perhaps this is God’s way of making sure trees continue to grow in spite of all the trees that are cut down.

About 3 years ago, I had quite a few saplings growing and had them all removed.  We already have so many trees that we didn’t more.

Are there other areas that are having bumper acorn crops this year?


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