Bjorn Bear Quilt

I purchased the Bjorn Bear Quilt pattern to see how well I would do with all the piecing as I haven’t done much piecing as a “sometime” quilter.

I was surprised at how easy it was. It was delightful to see how each section connected with another and made the faces of the bears complete.

This is the start of the nose of each bear. Working in “assembly like” manner, it went pretty quick.

Once you start cutting and sewing the pieces together, it goes quickly.

Bjorn Bear Piecing

Isn’t it cute?

And here are pictures of the finished quilt. I decided to use a modern square type quilting pattern for this quilt.

Bjorn Bear Quilt
Bjorn Bear Quilt

Here’s the final picture of the finished Bjorn Bear Quilt. Our granddaughter, who is not yet one year old, enjoyed the colorful quilt. I decided to use a baby blue in the back so it can be used by a boy or girl.

Bjorn Bear Quilt

What do you think?

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