Tea For Two Dutch Garden Quilt

Tea for Two Dutch Garden II Quilt

A few years back, I received a free quilt pattern that came with its own fabric. I can’t remember why it was sent to me.

For some reason though, I did not like the fabric nor the design of the quilt so I laid it aside until I had absolutely nothing to do ~ which is never.

Last year though, my brother asked if I could make him a quilt and I said yes. I wondered if he would like the Tea For Two Dutch Garden pattern and fabric and he checked with his wife and said yes.

So ~ I started piecing the front of the quilt together. However, they have a queen bed and the measurements for the quilt are for a twin bed. I searched high and low for the fabric and, unfortunately, was not able to find the same fabric. I did find something similar and used it as the outside yellow dot border.

Tea For Two Dutch Garden II Quilt with Improvisation

(This is one reason why I feel that one should buy a fabric if they absolutely like it as they may not find it again.)

Around the time I finished the top, my brother asked if I would be able to add fabric to the quilt which was from a bed jacket that my sister-in-law had from her deceased mother. I told him it would be hard for me to add it to the front but that I could improvise and use it on the back of the quilt with different fabric. They loved that idea.

Back of Tea For Two Dutch Garden II Quilt (Improvised)

And so, this quilt is really two different designs. The top is the Tea For two Dutch Garden II with an added dotted yellow border by Monique Jacobs that featured the Boundless Dutch Garden II fabric, and the back is fabric that I used to improvise a different design. Although it doesn’t quite “match” I think it came out quite well.

I always wash the quilt fabric before I start piecing it together so that when the quilt is finished and I wash it, I get the vintage (crinkly) look.

Tea for Two Dutch Garden II Quilt

So, what do you think?

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6 thoughts on “Tea For Two Dutch Garden Quilt”

    1. Hello Jill. I purchased this pattern on the Craftsy platform which is a place where we could purchase fabric, patterns and videos. They went out of business and became Bluprint which I just read went out of business also. The author of the pattern was Monique Jacobs and the fabric by Boundless Fabrics. Unfortunately I am not able to find anything online to direct you to a pattern.

      1. I have page 1 , 3, and 7 missing 5/6– don’t know how to do the squares with the square and flower burst

        1. Unfortunately I no longer have the pattern so am not able to help you since this was completed a long time ago.

      2. Hi Norma, just saw your post here. I have this pattern and can email it to you if you give me an address. I bought the kit years ago from Craftsy and am finally in process of completing it. Email me your response at lunatr1@hotmail.com if you want it.

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