Hospice Quilts

My mother would have been 98 years old this year.

When she was transferred to a hospice facility in September 2021 from the hospital, I entered the room where she was and they had laid a quilt across the bottom half of her bed. I was feeling so many emotions but this brought peace to my heart – like this was where she was supposed to be at this moment in her life.

After her death, the hospice facility gave us this quilt and I brought it home with me.


In late 2023 I decided that I wanted to “pay it forward” by donating some quilts back to the facility where my mother died. I called them and offered to make quilts for them and they were grateful for my offer.

The three quilts below are the ones that I donated. They vary in size – one twin, one throw and one lap quilt.

Scrappy Quilt – Front
Scrappy Quilt – Back
Rainbow Quilt
Rainbow Quilt
Quilt Back

I‘m hoping to make this year a “pay it forward“ year.

The last 5 years have not been kind – 21 family/friends have died – about one a quarter. One week I went to three funerals so it was hard to recover from one grief to the next.

But by the grace of Jesus my heart keeps healing – looking back at each person and the wonderful moments we shared.

So if you’re experiencing “down” times, I can tell you that Jesus cares – every tear, quiet scream, heavy sigh – He draws closer and closer and will never leave your side. You don’t even need to “talk about it” because He already knows.

I am a witness.

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