Of Matchmaking and Time


Time flies quickly so it seems.

We celebrated the birthday of a friend’s son named Michael who turned 17 today.  I can remember when he was born.  Quite a rambunctious kid he was yet today he is a skilled pianist and has a unique sense of humor.

Funny story ~ I played matchmaker to his parents.  She was my penpal from Japan and he was a fellow church member.  It’s hard to believe their relationship has blossomed so well.

I guess I am a good matchmaker.  Are there still people who do that for a living?  Hmmm … I wonder.   

I picked up some annual plants today but the day is much too gloomy and cold so I’ll have to wait til the sun comes out ~ hopefully tomorrow.

Death – A Mist

Illinois Pond

Last night I was reading an article, The Last Enemy,  by Clifford Goldstein in the Adventist Review magazine.

This article was on aging and Clifford stated that he felt he was “evaporating” and likened it to the Scripture in James 4:14 where it says we are like a mist.

“The only thing I’m adding is negative space, wrinkles … ”  And then the clincher in the article “If left to ourselves our situation would be as dire and hopeless as it seems.  That’s why apart from the cross …”

Well, I’ll let you read the rest of the article (click here).

Truly we have much to be grateful for in the person of Jesus Christ.



Darkness is descending. I was once told that “nothing good happens after dark.”

Growing up, that was a true statement for me. Growing up in the Chicago area with gangs, one did not venture too far, especially at night.
But, as a teenager, I didn’t think much about heading out. Until … one night, I was held up at gunpoint.
More to follow on that story. But God spared my life.

Day’s End

Waiting for the sun to go down as Sabbath approaches.

Looking back, it was a busy day.  I received 2 free compost bags from the city of Seattle. Unfortunately the kitchen compost containers were out of stock.

I watched Wheel of Fortune.  One wouldn’t think that was a special event except that it reminds me of my mother who watches it faithfully every day.  I just occasionally view it.

The flowers I received for Mother’s Day are still alive ~ well, except for the roses.  Seems like those are the flowers that die first.

The Small Things In Life

So my husband asked if he could get me anything from Starbucks and I thought I’d be cute and said “a tall non-fat decaf latte with lots of foam and” — then he rolled his eyes.

Off he went to the store and he did stop at Starbucks.  My youngest son went with him.  He’s 25 and a world traveler.

When they return, I get exactly what I ordered.  Isn’t it nice to have guys who like to please?