Traveling to Minnesota

The move has finally happened.

The drive from Seattle to Minnesota was mostly uneventful except for a few things.

When we first left Seattle, we ran into a lot of traffic on I-90.  Then lots of clouds as we went through the mountains.  But then the sun came out so beautifully as we went past Ellensburg and to Spokane.

Perfect weather.

We stopped in Missoula, Montana for the night at one of our favorite places, the Best Western.

We have stayed here in previous trips and the rooms are always extremely clean and spacious.  And, they have fresh cookies in the evening.  Always a plus.

I kept forgetting about us losing time as we headed to the Midwest.

The next morning we left a little late.  At 4 p.m. we wanted to continue driving to Bismarck, North Dakota but it started raining and got real dark with snow predicted so we got off the road to look for lodging.

Unfortunately, the 2 hotels we went to were full.  Apparently, oil has been found in Dickinson, North Dakota and although we were still in Montana (Glendive) the majority of the hotel rooms were booked by the oil people.

We managed to stay in a motel but it was less than expected.  I felt happy though that we were able to find a place to stay.

The next morning we drove to Bismarck where we took a break at Starbucks.  We received a call from our brother-in-law to see if we were going to stop in Fargo on the way to the St Paul area.

Yes for sure!  We were happy to stop in and see two smiling faces.  We made ourselves omeletttes and drank some freshly brewed Folgers (mountain grown for better flavor!).

Then I had a piece of homemade chocolate cake.

I think I need my brother-in-law to come be our chef.  🙂

After we left I decided to try to drive the rest of the way.  Unfortunately, the weirdest thing happened.  It started to rain and it got so dark.  I was not able to see.  It seemed like I had night blindness.

I had to pull off the rode and let my husband drive.  I’ll have to get my eyes checked to find out what is going on.

In reading on night blindness (if truly that’s what it is) I read that one of the causes could be a lack of Vitamin A.  It can also be caused by dry eyes which I started having as we drove across the country.

It was unbelievable to me though that it rained the whole time we left Fargo until we reached Woodbury, Minnesota.

Well, we’re here.  Safe and sitting in an Extended Stay hotel.  We move to “permanent temporary” housing on Monday.


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