House hunting in Minnesota

House hunting went rather well today.

We found two homes that we are interested in.  Although the one I really wanted to look at we were not able to get into because the owner said there is some kind of water damage.  It’s being rescheduled.

The first house is in North Hudson, Wisconsin.  It’s a newer home and has private access to the St. Croix River.  It is not on the river though.  The house flows rather well.  There are 3 bedrooms on the top level and one bedroom on the lower level.  The main floor has no bedrooms.

It has cherry cabinets between the living room and the dining room that seem a little more upscale than us but that’s not a major deal.  It sits on 1.5 acres.

The second house is really beautiful and was done in a Frank Lloyd Wright style.  It sits on 4.5 acres although you can see your  neighbors on both sides.  The property is wonderful.  I would so enjoy this home.  The only thing we are struggling with is that the home is very custom.

Our furniture would not fit into this home.  The owner’s have made furniture to match the woodwork in the home so we would almost have to ask them to leave their furniture or find furniture that matched it.

There is no dining room.  Only a small nook that seats 4 people although a table could be extended across — a little cramped but I’m not sure how many people are coming to visit us for very long.

For me and my husband it is perfect.  It has 3 bedrooms.  The top floor is a loft and the master bedroom suite.  It is open to the living area.

This is really a unique home on a beautiful lot.

But — we would have to change all of our furniture to match this house.  Everything would have to be sold in Seattle and we would have to start over again.

Then when we go to sell it, the new buyers would have to want to do the same thing.  It is not a family home as each of the bedrooms are on different floors.  

Hmmmm … a tough call.  Very tough indeed.  But it is beautiful.

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