Sale of home in Seattle

Today we had a notary come and bring us the paperwork to sign for the closing of our home.  It’s actually a pre-signing since closing is not until November 30th.

The paperwork had the HUD form that shows the estimated settlement costs.

Unfortunately, the numbers did not add up.  The bottom number was correct but the numbers listed were not right.

It was frustrating as the escrow company was closed.  When I called my real estate agent, Carrie Pierce, she got on the phone right away and had someone call me who walked us through the paperwork.

Fortunately the man knew what he was talking about as the notary told us he can’t answer any questions.  He’s only here to watch us sign the paperwork.

We muddled through it and I called the real estate agent to let her know how things went.  Seems like she called the escrow company as I received a call from them apologizing for how the process went.

And they are not going to charge us for the notary.

He was a nice gentleman.  He just didn’t have any answers to our questions and didn’t seem aware of some of the processes that the state of Washington has.

But, all is good.

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