Last night, I sent a text to my son who lives in Seattle to check in on him.

He’s doing fine.

He told me that this coming Sunday our temperature high would be 1 degree with a low of -10.

Since we’re looking for a house, he wanted to know why we just didn’t get an igloo. I laughed so hard I had to get up out of bed so as not to wake my husband.

This morning, the radio used the “b” word as they call it here. “B” standing for blizzard. Up to a foot of snow to fall overnight with strong winds could cause it to feel -30.

Fortunately for me I purchased my -25 degree warmth coat.

Not that I’m planning on leaving the house in the wind and cold.

It’s not easy to walk around in this town of Woodbury.

I’ll be glad when we find a new home – but I’m pretty sure it won’t be an igloo.

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