We received a poinsettia plant for Christmas many years ago.  After Christmas, I was vacuuming and put it in the furnace closet to get it out of the way.

After 2-3 weeks, I remembered that the plant was in the closet and went to retrieve it.  When I opened the closet door, the plant had grown about 4 feet tall and had very few leaves on it.
It was kept warm because of the furnace — which the poinsettias like — but was still reaching for light.  It was scrawny looking but still alive.  I took it out and watered it and it recovered.
Sometimes in our lives, we feel the “warmth” that the world provides but basic human instinct still reaches for the “light” — the Son of God to live in our hearts.  Only He can water our thirsty hearts and help us recover from our parchedness.
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