Cafe Cravings in White Bear Lake, Minnesota

We went to Cafe Cravings in White Bear Lake, Minnesota for breakfast.

Cafe Cravings in White Bear Lake, MN

There was a special listed on the board of walnut apple pancakes for $7.45 which I thought sounded delicious.  I picked up the menu to see what else they had and noticed that the price for that same “special” was actually less.  When I asked the cashier about the discrepancy, I was told that the menu had changed.

Since there were 3 of us, I asked what else had changed and they told me they could tell us as we chose.  Hmmmm …. I expected them to offer the lower price for my menu item but no offer was forthcoming.

Then I asked if they had hot chocolate made from an espresso machine (the milk).  The gentleman said “We can do that.”  When I received my hot chocolate, it was the cheaper powdered one.

Batting zero for zero.

Apple walnut pancakes

The pancakes were pretty good although they were a little too moist, ie. a lot of butter was used.  I also tasted a hint of bacon and wondered if they had been grilled on the same griddle.

Blueberry Muffin

This was huge!  I didn’t taste it but my husband said there weren’t very many blueberries.

Cheesy Potatoes

The potatoes were fresh and not frozen.  I heard no complaints from the person who ordered this.

Garden Omelette

The presentation of this menu item was good.  Then I heard “I think I got the wrong thing.”  It was a good garden omelette, just a little different than what was expected.  Again, the potatoes were made from scratch.

Powdered Hot Chocolate

I enjoy hot chocolate.  So when I specifically ask if it’s from one of those old-fashioned machines that spew it out with water or if it’s powdered, and I’m led to believe it’s not, I’m disappointed.

This was my fault though for not being specific enough.  I thought my question was understood but those with me thought I could have been more specific.

The older I get, the more I want to get what I pay for with my money.

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