Birds and Fish Still Dying

The phenomena of thousands of fish and birds dying continues as Sweden, Italy and New Zealand join the U.S. in the abnormality.

So far, we hear of scientists calling it normal but the reasons for the deaths sound absurd.

It Italy, the scientists say the birds died of overeating and indigestion.  So sorry Italy.  I can’t buy that either.

If it’s true that this is normal, I would like some of these scientists to point us to other dates throughout history where both the air and water have produced massive deaths caused by noise and indigestion (eating too many sunflower seeds), has occurred.

I will not hypothesize.  I do find it alarming and it makes me stop to ponder why our wildlife is dying in mass.  If these deaths were chickens that we eat every day, many would stop eating the chickens until a cause was found.

I pray that scientists will continue searching for the cause of these deaths.

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