WalMart GeoGirl

Are you kidding me?  WalMart making cosmetics for girls 8-13 years old.

Are you kidding me?  Have I said that already?

Blush, mascara, face shimmer, lipstick and anti-aging products????  What does an 8-13 year old girl have to blush about? It always takes me aback when I see young girls being dressed and made to look like women.

And anti-aging products?  Does WalMart really need more money that they have to target even the youngest among us using the guise of the product being eco-friendly to push their product?  I am repulsed by the very thought of this.

Someone called it “the over-sexualisation of children” and I agree. Why don’t we just pretty our children up for all the pedophiles out there.  Heck, why don’t we just have a parade of our children and let the pedophiles choose who they want?

It’s disgusting.  Shame on you WalMart!!!!!  You can bet my business won’t be going to you.

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