Minnesota Fish and Ponds

Being a new Minnesotan, I often wondered what happened to the fish in the ponds.  Do they freeze and, as my real estate agent asked me “Do you think they thaw in the spring?”  I hadn’t quite thought about it that way.

The ponds here freeze.  I mean, really freeze.  People walk on them, cross country ski, skate, walk their dogs …

Me?  I’m just afraid I’m going to fall into a hole that’s not frozen and join the uh, frozen fish.

The question was answered when we went to view a house for sale that had a pond in the back.  In the lower level of the house, there was an aquarium with fish.

Fish in Tank

The sign on the aquarium is what I found most interesting.


How easy the answer!  The fish are brought inside for the winter and taken back out to the pond when the weather is nicer.

I never would have thought of that!

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