House Hunting in Lino Lakes, Minnesota

This past Sunday we drove around and stopped at an open house in Lino Lakes, Minnesota.

The house we looked at was very nice.  It was nestled in a woodlike setting with trees.  The color of the house blends in with the colors of the trees.

It has a fenced in area for a dog run.  The background has a marshy area.  It also has access to the lake right down the road.

Lake Lino, Minnesota House

There are arches in the windows and in the entry from the living room to the dining room.

And the sun room, which is enclosed with windows, overlooks the trees and the marsh area.

This house has made it to our top two if the current offer we have on a house is not accepted.

We will have to compromise though as there is no bedroom on the main floor.

Overall, it’s a beautiful house and has very good internet service, a plus in our techie family.

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