Two Birds and a Frog

“There was once a frog who lived in a pond. But, poor frog, his pond was drying up. If he didn’t find water soon he would die. The frog heard of a stream just over the hill that was full of lots of water.

If only he could get there.  But, how could he? His short frog legs could not carry him so far away.

So the frog came up with an idea. He convinced 2 birds to carry either end of a stick then he would put his mouth around the stick in the middle and hold on tight until the birds flew him over to the other side.  Smart thinking Frog!

As they flew in the air, everything was going well. He had good jaws and was able to hold on tight. It was a pretty strange thing to see — two birds and a frog flying through the air.

Looking down, they saw a cow in a pasture. The cow was pretty impressed at what he saw in the sky and yelled up to them “Now, who came up with that idea?”

The frog heard the question and couldn’t resist replying “I diiiiiiid” as he fell from the sky.”   Author unknown

I told this story at church during children’s story time a few years back. The moral? Sometimes we let pride get in the way and suffer unfortunate consequences.

You see, it was the frog’s pride that made him open his mouth. It was his idea and he wanted to make sure the cow knew it. But it required 3 of them to make the idea work and his thoughts were only of himself.

“Pride goes before destruction; a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18



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