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Yesterday we finally received the paperwork from the relocation company that we’re supposed to sign off on.  Well, hmmm, let’s see — we had agreed that the washer and dryer would stay but it’s missing from the paperwork.  Oh wait — the water heater is missing too.

The selling agent’s response is “the original Purchase & Sale agreement supercede this agreement.” Oh really? That’s interesting because we don’t have a signed P&S agreement.

So — do we believe the seller’s agent and take him at his word?

I think not.  We just experienced a situation with our apartment complex where they said something and the lease said something different.  Guess what the law would follow?  The signed written document.

Now we’re trying to see if we can get an addendum added to all this paperwork so that they sign something saying that we indeed have 3 items that have been deleted.

It wouldn’t look so suspicious except that originally the sellers wanted to keep the washer and dryer, verbally agreed to leave it and now the paperwork we have to sign shows it deleted.

I think I need to go back to law school to sign the paperwork to buy a house.


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